VS-Games 2017

6-8 September, 2017 - Athens, Greece

Summer School 2017

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Special Issues

Special Issue on Education and Learning for Virtual Environments and Serious Games

The special issue will explore games and virtual worlds in relation to: (a) novel technologies, (b) applications, (c) methodologies, theories and frameworks and (d) evaluation approaches and studies. This cfp is focused on novel research into serious games and virtual environments for the purpose of education and learning.

Visual Computer

Best papers will be selected to be included in the The Visual Computer. The Visual Computer is dedicated to reporting on the state-of-the-art of research in the field of graphics, vision, imaging, and virtual reality.

Special Issue on Semantic Virtual Environments

Multimedia Tools and Applications publishes original research articles on multimedia development and system support tools as well as case studies of multimedia applications. It also features experimental and survey articles. The journal is intended for academics, practitioners, scientists and engineers who are involved in multimedia system research, design and applications. All papers are peer reviewed.

Computers & Graphics

Computers & Graphics provides a medium to communicate information concerning interactive CG and CG applications. The journal focuses on interactive computer graphics, visualization and novel input modalities including virtual environments, and, within this scope, on graphical models, data structures, languages, picture manipulation algorithms and related software.

Keynote speakers

Yiorgos Chrysanthou


Yiorgos L. Chrysanthou is an Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Cyprus, where he is heading the Graphics and Hypermedia lab. He was educated in the UK (BSc and PhD from Queen Mary and Westfield College) and worked for several years as a research fellow and a lecturer at University College London. He has been a visiting researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, USA (1992), the Tel-Aviv University, Israel (1997), the SIAT, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shenzhen (2009) and University College London (2013). He has served as the local or overall coordinator of 25 research projects, related to 3D graphics, virtual reality and applications, funded through various sources (UK EPSRC, UK DTI, EU IST, CY RPF). Yiorgos has published over 75 papers in journals and international conferences on computer graphics and virtual reality and is a co-author of the book "Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments: From Realism to Real-Time", (Addison-Wesley 2001+ China Machine Press 2004). He serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Computers and Graphics and review editor for Frontiers in Robotics and AI (Specialty Section Virtual Environments). He has also served as Organising or Program Chair for several conferences (EGUK'01, EGRW'01, VAST 2004, ACM VRST 2005, ANS'06, EGSR'06, ACM VRST 2006, ECMS 2008, MIG'10). His research interests lie in the general area of 3D Computer Graphics, recently focusing more on the development of algorithms for real-time AR rendering, reconstruction of urban environments, computer animation and applications to serious games.

Andrew Duchowski

Dr. Duchowski joined the Computer Science faculty at Clemson in January, 1998. He received his B.Sc. ('90) and Ph.D. ('97) degrees in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada, and Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, respectively. Dr. Duchowski's research and teaching interests include visual attention and perception, eye movements and eye tracking, computer vision, graphics, and virtual environments.

Olga De Troyer


Prof. dr. Olga De Troyer is a Full Professor in Computer Science at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in Brussels, Belgium, where she founded the WISE research group in 1998. She holds a Master in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science. She has more than 30 years of experience in research in conceptual modeling and design methods for innovative information systems, applied to different areas such as databases, web systems, semantic web, software variability, e-learning, virtual reality, serious games, and mobile applications. She published over 150 articles in these domains. She participated in and supervised many international and national projects. Her current research interests and activities focus on conceptual modeling and design methods for serious game development, as well as on personalization of serious games and the use of persuasive techniques for e-learning and mobile app use.


VS-Games 2017


VS-Games 2017 will be organized with full support of the host institution, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) Athens, Greece, September 6-8 2017. The conference will take place on the NTUA campus and it is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society. The ninth International Conference in Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications (2017) aims to meet the significant challenges of the cross-disciplinary community that work around these serious application areas by bringing the community together to share case studies of practice, to present virtual world infrastructure developments, as well as new frameworks, methodologies and theories, and to begin the process of developing shared cross-disciplinary outputs.


  •   National Technical University of Athens, Greece


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