Workshop on Strategic Industrial Applications of Games and Gamification

Gamification offers an exciting opportunity for the business community. It has the potential to transform the education, skills and motivation of workers across all sectors, and significantly impact the competitiveness of firms worldwide. However, much of the business community has yet to awaken to this innovation, and major gulfs exist between games designers, business leaders, researchers and practitioners. This workshop sets out to accelerate the adoption of gamification in business by bringing together the research, development and business communities, and to engaging these around innovations in serious games and gaming techniques for real-life industrial applications.


Papers are invited across a range of topics including game technologies, design processes, principles, elements and mechanics, through to gamification processes, analytics, and results. Particularly welcome are papers from both practitioners and researcher that help to demonstrate and evidence potential, so too are those that facilitate communities of practice around industrial themes. Technical topic of interest include (but not limited to):

• Artificial Intelligence
• Game-based learning environments
• Online/ offline adaptation techniques
• Collaborative learning
• Personalization techniques
• Interactive multi-user learning environments
• Interactive robotics learning
• Learner’s performance evaluation techniques
• Natural human-computer interaction in game-based environments
• Learner’s engagement recognition
• Learner’s affective and cognitive state recognition
• Interaction of learners and tutors
• Game Architectures
• Game for Industrial Purposes


• Dr Panagiotis Petridis (Aston University)
• Prof Ben Clegg (Aston University)
• Dr Richard Orme (Aston University)
• Dr Daniel Andrews (Aston University)
• Dr Petros Lameras (Coventry University)